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Types Of Beverages

Water has been consumed for the longest time for the purpose of hydration and sustenance. Water is good for the body and it is also pure with no additives. Today, water comes in different forms such as bottled, sparkling, and tap.

Headaches and other bodily problems are some of the signs that one is not consuming enough water.

Milk has been a popular beverage that is readily available all over the world. Milk from camels, sheep, cows, donkeys, goats, and reindeer is taken by both children and adults. Through milk consumption, one can strengthen their bones and build their immunity.

Adults who don’t have time to cook take soda with their fast food. Carbonated drinks are also available through vending machines in hospitals and malls. Carbonated drinks give people a caffeine boost and energy. One can find different flavors of carbonated drinks some of which are fruit based in bottles or cans.

Tea can now be found in vending machines and stores because it is now packaged in cans. Tea flavors that are available include honey, chamomile, cinnamon, ginger, green tea and black tea. Beverages such as tea help to boost the immune system, reduce anxiety, lower inflammation, helps one to relax, and improve sleep. Tea contains antioxidants which help to fight diseases such as cancer.

Coffee is another beverage that’s available in the market in different flavors and varieties. Coffee acts as a stimulant so one should take it in moderation. Some people take very strong coffee while others take mild coffee. Coffee can be packaged cold in a can or hot in a paper cup.

Cocoa can be taken cold or with hot water. Cocoa contains antioxidants, improves blood flow, and helps to lower cholesterol. Energy drinks also available in cans and they act as energy boosters. Caffeine which is a stimulant is contained in energy drinks and it gives people an energy boost when they take this drink. One should take energy drinks in moderation because they are not healthy for the body.

Almost all fruits have their own fruit juices. Customers can enjoy a huge variety fruit juices that available in the market today due to the creativity of beverage companies who have come up with tasty flavours that they sell in cans and bottles.

Vegetables and fruits are being combined to form fruit juices.

Vitamins plus minerals which are vital for the body are found in the fruit juices that are available in the market.

Some fruit juices have added sugar which is not good for the body.

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